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DanTrials - phase I clinic in Denmark

DanTrials ApS is a private Danish contract research organisation (CRO) dedicated to efficient clinical research in healthy volunteers and patients.

We perform a wide range of clinical studies in our 10-bed fully equipped clinical pharmacology research unit located at Copenhagen University Hospital, Bispebjerg.

Being hospital-based, we have ideal possibilities to conduct clinical studies in a variety of patient populations and to interact with experts within many different therapeutic fields. Further, we hold a Research Subject Database which ensures swift recruitment of healthy subjects for classical phase I studies.

Our competent and experienced staff are committed to make your clinical study a true success: be it single-site testing of the first human dose or later stage clinical studies where we participate as one of many clinical sites.

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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Rekruttering afsluttet!

Vi har inkluderet det planlagte antal forsøgspersoner i et klinisk forsøg, hvor vi undersøger sikkerheden et nyt lægemiddel til behandling COVID‑19.

Forsøget er derfor ikke længere åbent for deltagere.